Wedding dance

Wedding dance is the cherry on the cake of this wonderful day. During the dance, lovebirds can show themselves and others their special relationship to each other. It is thanks to dance and individually selected music to it that we can create unforgettable emotions, as well as for all who came to enjoy the holiday in honor of couple. 

Dance Delight London can help you in creating a great mood and as well as in the production of the dance. If you already have ideas about your dance, we will be happy to implement our plans together. If not, our teachers will gladly help you to do everything possible to make the bride and groom look great during their first dance. And you felt as confident as possible.

The beauty is that the dance can be chosen by you depending on your preferences in music, and possibly on the characters of the newlyweds. Perhaps during your first dance you want to show love and tenderness to each other by dancing a Waltz. Or marvel guests passionate Tango. Or maybe you have Latin-American rhythms in your blood and thus you want to surprise everyone during the first dance showing the elements of the Cha Cha dance. And, perhaps, all the above together - the main thing is to have a desire and a good mood. 

We can offer you several options to choose from in the creation of wedding dance. It can be just mastering the basic simple steps that you will be dancing to use (this can be an option when there is very little time left until the long-awaited day), to the music you have chosen. Or it will be fully delivered number from the beginning to the end with a set of various figures and lifts/carries. 

We advise you to start taking lessons well in advance. Preferably a month before the ceremony. This is the best option to have time to master all the movements, as well as gain confidence and grace in the dance. Because we know that planning a wedding can take a lot of time especially closer to the date, so we recommend to start choreography in advance.

Also, a wonderful addition to the first dance of the bride and groom can be a daughter dance with father/ son with mother/ daughter of mother, etc. You may want to take a couple of dance lessons with them, and thus express their gratitude to the people who you care about.

Bring your favorite song, photos of your venue, wedding dress... everything you would like to share to help us make your dream dance a reality.

Also, if you have enough space at your home there is a possibility of having a lesson there. It can save your time and you will be in a comfortable environment for you.

We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor soon.