Pro-Am dancing

Pro-Am (Pro-Em) is a dance direction in which a professional dancer works together with an Amateur dancer. In the West, Pro-Am has been known for almost a century, the first competition in this genre took place during the First world war

The name Pro-Am is abbreviated as "professional + amateur". This is a comfortable kind of dance training for adults: your partner is also your coach, an experienced professional dancer.

What are the advantages of Pro-Am training?

Imagine: you are an adult, and you want to dance. Only you do not know how or do not know very well. Where to find a suitable coach, partner? Where to start training? And that's where all the advantages of Pro-Am are revealed:

• there is no need to look for a partner — his role is played by a coach;

• paired with a professional, training is much faster than with an Amateur partner;

• you will be able to participate in tournaments and competitions, competing with the same mixed pairs for medals;

• coach in the classroom will deal only with you — and an individual approach, as you know, the most effective in any training.

Is it for you? - This class is for you if you want to take your dancing to the next level - compete and perform with other colleagues in the same age and level category alongside your professional dance teacher.