Private lessons

Private dance lessons can be not only a great pastime, but also one of the best ways to accelerate the progress of dance skills. You can decide the topic of an individual lesson yourself, or consult one of our professional trainers, who will gladly help to evolve this idea into a vision of your own dance. Advantages come in the form of a detailed analysis of all movements, performance techniques, rhythm, body setting, musicality, communication between partners, the ability to behave on the floor ,etc., which are fundamental criteria. 

Participating in private lessons you will have the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the details. Since in group classes you have the opportunity to learn new movements, unfortunately, there is not always time to analyze the mistakes of each of the students present.  As we say in the dance world "it is better to learn right than to retrain". Since this can cause a lot of inconvenience not only in terms of biomechanics of dance, but also can affect the smoothness and naturalness of body movement. 

After all, it is very important that dance is free and easy. To achieve naturalness you need to work hard on yourself, and then you will not wait long dor results. This and more you can learn by contacting us and thus become the best version of yourself.